The Trimble Landfolio team, as a subcontractor to AbdulAziz Law Firm of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (in association with Allen &Overy), prepared the design of both the land registration system and the land registration vehicle for Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia identified the need for the efficient management of land rights information, including the improvement of the business processes associated with the registration of these rights, the issuance of land rights certificates and/or titles, the transparent facilitation of real estate transactions and the equitable generation of revenues from fees from the activities related to inputting and maintaining the land information. The goal of the AbdulAziz/Landfolio design was to lead into an accurate, accessible and comprehensive inventory of land rights, public access to land information and an integrated and standardized land registration process for the entire country at convenient municipal locations.

The Landfolio team’s activities included a site visit to Dubai, desk study of best practices, and onsite business process analysis. As a result, the team designed the land registration model for Saudi Arabia, which included the technology, 10-year budget, and economic Return on Investment (ROI).