Driving enhanced revenue collection, improved transparency and services, and sustainable economic development in over 50 countries worldwide

Encompassing all aspects of cadastre, surveying, land registry, property valuation, mineral rights taxation, and natural resource management, Trimble’s end-to-end Land Administration systems and solutions empower national, state, and local government agencies around the globe.

“[Landfolio]  has done the Department of Geological Survey and Mines proud and has reduced processing significantly as well as enhanced transparency in the mining sector. Today we boast of keeping pace with latest technology and developments.”

– Gabriel Data, Project Coordinator, Ugandan Department of Geological Survey and Mines


Land’s value extends far beyond the physical land itself, translating into economic and benefit for countries and their constituents. By implementing Trimble’s land administration solutions, government agencies may experience the following benefits:


Increased revenue collection

Facilitate stable, maximum revenue collection from individuals and commercial entities alike. Identify and incorporate new internally-generated revenue (IGR) sources from taxes, transaction fees, document/data purchases, etc.

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Sustainable economic development

Property rights registration and land record management systems underpin economic development. Studies show that documented land rights help to drive food security, equal access to land, reduce land conflicts and disputes, and provide a means of collateral for overall economic and social development.



Increased transparency

Demands for process transparency have increased in today’s global environment. Demonstrate processes, such as the first-come-first-served principle, are fair and free of corruption by recording and accounting for every payment and agreement. Trimble’s e-government solutions make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access real property, concession, and land transaction information.



Improved Customer Service

With thousands of stakeholders, government agencies require an efficient means of collecting payments and providing access to cadastral map data, ownership records, and transaction records. With Trimble’s land registration and land management software as well as our e-government solutions, corporate and individual customers can  get access to the records they require, and they can also conduct business with land offices more easily and securely.



Streamline Processes for Greater Productivity

Whether you’re collecting data, processing and managing land records, or overseeing regulatory compliance, eliminate organizational waste by implementing a Land Information System that incorporates automated workflows, approvals, and processes. Resources previously allocated toward these activities can be re-allocated toward other revenue-generating projects.



Limit illegal activities and ensure compliance

Government agencies responsible for natural resource management turn to Trimble to manage all aspects of the application, evaluation, granting and compliance-monitoring of extractive-based licenses, permits, and leases. Protect public land and limit illegal activities by ensuring commercial entities are compliant with established laws and regulations pertaining to land (such as EITI reporting).



Secure Your Records

Store files digitally and eliminate the need to track and store paper records and agreements which are subject to compromise by natural disasters, misfiling, and loss. Further, digital files ensure data traceability and archiving for longevity of your records.



Reduce data collection errors and redundancy

Streamlined, automated survey and mapping data collection processes generate more reliable data, reduce data rework and redundancy, and simplify information sharing. These automated processes increase efficiency and decrease opportunities for human error.



Trimble provides end-to-end solutions and services to implement these critical, modernized land administration systems and natural resource management systems.

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Landfolio Software Geodetic Control Field Data Collection Data Processing Professional Services

Workflow management software that automates and integrates all key elements of land information management.

 Ensure  repeatable, consistent and accurate spatial data collection with GNSS infrastructure and advanced positioning solutions.

Collect parcel boundary information to meet accuracy, ease of use, and time requirements.

Increase productivity and improve consistency when converting field data to the cadastral database.

Professional services to implement  and help your land administration project succeed.