Managing and ensuring compliance for a range of land-related business-critical obligations for onshore and offshore renewable energy projects

Globally, renewable energy accounts for approximately one quarter of total electricity production. With favorable government policies and continued innovation in the sector helping to drive down production costs, more and more green energy projects are set to come online in the coming years.

Renewable energy developers, like others operating in the natural resources space, understand the importance of securing suitable project sites that optimize energy production and market opportunities.

Development sites (onshore and offshore) and access to them, are the foundation upon which these projects are built and represent a project developer’s most strategic asset in today’s world.


Trimble Land Administration provides a broad portfolio of land, lease, and permit management technologies with integrated workflow management and GIS, along with an expert team providing tailored implementation services to provide our clients with configurable and scalable solutions to meet your company’s needs today and into the future.

Manage Land Access or Land Acquisition Contracts with Landowners

Renewable energy project developers typically undertake exhaustive studies to evaluate resource intensity, such as wind speed or solar irradiation, and to identify suitable land for their clean energy projects. After identifying the land, the developer needs to engage with the landowner to negotiate land access, compensation, or acquisition contracts. With Trimble landfolio, land managers have the ability to view and manage these contracts and their associated conditions and obligations in a single, integrated, easy to use, and intuitive system.


Ensure Compliance with Legislative and Regulatory Acts

Managing obligations under various regulatory frameworks in multiple jurisdictions is often complex and time consuming. Failure to meet lease and permit obligations may cause delay to development projects or potentially lead to the loss of important company assets and negatively impact the company’s bottom line. Trimble landfolio provides peace of mind that all project compliance obligations are followed through on and completed correctly.


Calculate, Manage, and Track Landowner Payments

Maintaining strong and trusted relationships with landholders and other key stakeholders is critical to the success and long-term sustainability of a project. Renewable energy projects can provide an often much needed, additional source of income for landowners. Ensuring the correct calculation and scheduling of payments is essential in maintaining good relations with these important partners.


Global Oversight and Reporting on Land Related Assets

Ensuring all land tract, lease, and permit data is accurate and available in a central repository and accessible by relevant stakeholders to ensure timely business decisions can be made. View a dashboard or generate reports on your land-related assets and their respective agreements and obligations. Accurate analysis and reporting of ownership interests in both developed and undeveloped areas is also critical to long range forecasting and planning.


Standardized Business Processes across the Organization

Renewable energy project developers and owners must manage internal processes in a consistent, transparent, and effective manner to ensure corporate governance and reduce corporate risk. Standardized processes ensure process conformity, help to improve productivity and workforce optimization for the field team, and eliminate organizational waste. Landfolio can reduce costs by using one system to record, monitor, and report on land assets.



Seamless Enterprise Integration

Eliminate duplicated systems in silos and seamlessly integrate your land management system with other mission critical systems to ensure efficient workflows and up-to-date information.



Trimble offers enterprise land management solutions to help renewable energy companies manage their critical land-related obligations and rights.

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Landfolio Software Professional Services

Workflow management software that facilitates all aspects of the application, evaluation, granting and compliance monitoring of mineral rights and related permits.

Business process analysis, project management, solution design and configuration, solution deployment, and training & support services.