Efficiently manage and meet critical onshore and offshore regulatory responsibilities

Trimble’s lease and permit management solutions assist oil and gas companies with streamlining management of onshore and offshore operations and ensuring all regulatory and private stakeholder obligations are met.


Maintaining important onshore and offshore permits and leases is crucial to the success for upstream and downstream businesses in the oil and gas sectors. These companies are challenged with managing those assets effectively and with minimal risk, particularly when complex commercial agreements exist between partners and stakeholders, where interests overlap, or where interests are severed by depth or geological formation.


Protection against loss of property or mineral interests

Inconsistent, incomplete and unreliable inventory of tenure, land, agreements and associated obligations can result in missed deadlines or uninformed decisions.  Protect your company against loss associated with missing requirements or obligations; avoid losing future revenues, access to land/mineral resources, or even property and other investments.



Global oversight and reporting on land-related assets

Ensure all land tract, lease, and permit data is accurate and available in a central repository and accessible by relevant stakeholders to ensure timely business decisions can be made.  View and generate reports on your land-related assets, including mineral and surface assets, and their respective agreements and obligations.  Accurate analysis and reporting of ownership interests in both developed and undeveloped areas is also critical to long range forecasting and planning.



Ensured compliance with legislative and regulatory acts

Managing obligations under various regulatory frameworks in multiple jurisdictions is often complex and time consuming. Failure to meet lease and permit obligations can potentially lead to the loss of important company assets and negatively impact the company’s bottom line. Have peace of mind that all compliance obligations are followed through on and completed correctly.



Ensured compliance with partner or customer obligations

Manage conditions pertaining to commercial sales and operational leases and contracts to meet their legal obligations. Ensure that rentals and royalties are correct and paid on time. Maintain the accuracy of your data and ensure land-related obligations are met, month after month, year after year.



Standardized business processes across the organization

Oil and gas companies must manage internal processes in a consistent, transparent, and effective manner to ensure corporate governance and reduce corporate risk. Standardized processes ensure process conformity, help to improve productivity and workforce optimization for the field team, and eliminate organizational waste. Reduce costs by using one system to keep track, record, and report on land assets. Simultaneously eliminate costs associated with organizational waste.



Production Monitoring

A complete inventory of wells and well units along with their associated production statistics are crucial building blocks for the establishment of working interests and revenues.



Seamless enterprise integration

Eliminate duplicated systems in silos and seamlessly integrate your land management system with other mission critical systems to ensure efficient workflows and up-to-date information.



Trimble offers enterprise land management solutions to help oil and gas companies manage their critical land-related obligations.

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Landfolio Software for Natural Resources Professional Services

Workflow management software that facilitates all aspects of the application, evaluation, granting and compliance monitoring of tenure and related permits and agreements.

Business process analysis, project management, solution design and configuration, solution deployment, and training & support services.