e-Gov for Mining solutions take management of mineral rights to the next level by improving stakeholder communications, providing live access to cadastre information, and streamlining licensing processes.

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Using e-Gov for Mining to Administer Mining Rights Online


The management of mineral rights can be a time and resource intensive activity, particularly when processes are manual and/or paper-based. Government agencies working with an abundance of extractive industry stakeholders require a solution to efficiently communicate with stakeholders in a timely, transparent manner, while also making mining cadastre information available to investors.


The e-Gov for Mining solution is a secure, web-based, e-Government system through which companies and individuals are able to administer their mineral rights online. These solutions allow all registered stakeholders to interact directly with the Government to undertake activities such as the submission of new applications, online payments, uploading of statutory reports, undertaking renewals, transfers and relinquishments. Also available are Mining Cadastre Map Portals, which provide a spatial view into the mining cadastre data. When coupled with Landfolio® software for natural resource applications as the government’s back-office mining cadastre system, the e-Gov for Mining solution takes management of mineral rights to the next level.

There are significant benefits of the e-Gov for Mining solution for both government agencies and their industry stakeholders.


Industry Benefits
e-Gov for Mining benefits a country’s extractives industry by providing a transparent channel for communication between the government and its stakeholders.

  • Real-time access to live cadastre information
  • Spatial validation of license applications online
  • Payments made via a secure payment gateway directly to the government
  • Notification reminders sent out to license holders via
    email or SMS

Government Benefits
The e-Gov for Mining solution operates in conjunction with the Landfolio software to manage compliance for the complete mining license life-cycle. The e-Gov solutions have the ability to improve these processes by:

  • Enabling greater efficiency through the reduction of paper‑based submissions
  • Simplifying revenue collection through an easy to use, secure payment gateway
  • Streamlining processes to reduce application waiting periods
  • Providing cadastre office staff with time to focus on other value-added services

“Landfolio [Formerly known as FlexiCadastre] brings significant improvements to the many administrative processes required under the Mining Act and its updates. It enables better, reliable and timely presentation of mining related information. This functionality will ensure a more convenient process for the granting, renewal and compliance monitoring of tenure within the MRA and elevate PNG into the top tier of destinations for mineral explorers.”
– Philip Samar, Acting Managing Director of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) of Papua New Guinea

Computer with e-Gov screen


  • View details of your tenure portfolio
  • Details include key dates, status, obligations, coordinates and a map
  • Submit license applications, renewals, surrenders, and ownership transfers
  • Submit reports and other required documentation
  • Receive notifications via email and SMS
  • View and pay all mandatory fees online by:
    – Major credit cards including MasterCard and Visa
    – Mobile Money
    – EFT

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