By Rachel Etter-Phoya

Malawi’s freely accessible online portal displaying licences for mining, exploration and reconnaissance is now online. This comes just one month after the Government of Malawi held an inception meeting to begin the development of a digital mineral rights management system and online portal with Spatial Dimension.

This also comes only one week after Malawi’s two mining agreements with Nyala Mining and Paladin were made available online.

By visiting, you can view a map of Malawi with mining, exclusive prospecting and reconnaissance licences including the company name, date the licence was granted and expires, the commodity type(s), the area of the licence and if it is active or not. The map also outlines protected areas and areas in the application stage.

Spatial Dimension’s FlexiCadastre is being developed under the Malawi Mining Governance and Growth Support Project (MGGSP) financed by a USD 25 million loan and EUR 4.15 million grant to the Government of Malawi from the World Bank and European Union, respectively.

This portal and the entire system will “create transparency in the mining sector”, as FlexiCadastre Consultant Charles Young explained during the inception meeting in July.

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