Trimble’s robust data collection portfolio meets the needs for all types of land administration projects. Our field solutions allow you to collect parcel information – both geographical and attributes – to meet accuracy, ease of use, and time requirements. Trimble also provides custom solutions to address your specific workflow integration challenges.

Penmap is a premium data collection software, specifically designed for cadastral surveying, mapping, and land registration tasks. As a tool for pen-based, graphical and feature data collection, Penmap allows users to check and finish their survey job in the field, eliminating mistakes and costly rework.

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Penmap Benefits

• Quick and simple survey and GIS data collection
• Customized workflows streamline data collection processes for improved productivity
• Direct logging of total station and GNSS data save time
• Revolutionary user interface design enables easy-to-use finger operation
• Trimble CenterPoint RTX support offers centimeter accuracy worldwide
• WMS support provides access to high-resolution satellite imagery
• Connect with the most popular GNSS receivers, total stations, and laser rangefinders
• Use with your choice of controller, tablet PC, or mobile device running Android Lollipop, Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista® or XP operating systems.

Penmap Features
• Direct Logging of Total Station and GPS Data
• Free Station Calculation
• Full Parcel Editor
• Setting Out
• Area Computation
• Capture Photographs, Signatures, and even Fingerprints
• Multiple and Verification Measurements
• Full 3D Surveying
• Configurable Point Numbering
• Configurable Code Tables

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Collect high-accuracy survey grade data for cadastral mapping using Trimble’s suite of surveying solutions, ranging from mechanical total stations to high accuracy GNSS receivers to mobile and terrestrial scanning. Utilize technology enhancements such as the Trimble Integrated Surveying™ solution to seamlessly combine GNSS and optical surveying technology to increase productivity and data quality.

Benefits of Trimble Survey Solutions:
• Reliable, centimeter-level accuracy
• Quickly and easily capture survey data in the field
• Data capture in even the most difficult environments, such as canopy
• Customized workflows streamline data collection processes for improved productivity
• Seamless data transfer from the field to the office

GNSS Solutions

Backed by a legacy of GNSS technology and surveying expertise, Trimble provides surveyors with reliable GNSS survey solutions that meet their distinct requirements. Whether you need the cable-free convenience provided by Trimble integrated systems, the flexibility of Trimble modular systems, or the simplicity of handheld point measurement, Trimble has a solution for you.

• Experience productivity that goes beyond having the best GNSS technology on the market
• Collect more data in less time via comprehensive GNSS support and an abundance of powerful features
• Reduce rework with quality control features, such as Trimble® SurePoint™ technology
• Easy-to-use field solutions allow you to get the most out of your GNSS system

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Total Stations

The precision optics and robotics of Trimble total stations are paired with streamlined workflows, innovative training and in-field support services. Trimble’s total stations are packed full of industry-leading features that improve efficiency and the quality of deliverables.

• Capture data faster and more accurately
• Give the advantage of Trimble VISION™ technology for video robotic control, scene documentation and measurements
• Improve accuracy, even over long distances, with Trimble DR Plus and DR HP EDMs

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3D Laser Scanning Solutions – Terrestrial or Mobile

Trimble offers a comprehensive range of terrestrial or mobile 3D laser scanners and software for the rapid collection of 3D data. Capture high-resolution data quickly and safely with immense detail and accuracy to visualize and produce compelling deliverables.

Trimble’s premium vehicle-mounted mobile spatial imaging systems integrate our industry leading geo-referencing technologies with very precise, high-speed laser scanning and high-resolution imaging sensors.

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Trimble’s GIS data collection technologies make it easy to rapidly collect, store, edit, and categorize large amounts of spatially accurate data with attribution and forms. Trimble provides a range of GIS handheld solutions that enable centimeter to sub-meter accuracy.

Benefits of Trimble GIS data collection solutions:
• Reliable, centimeter-level accuracy
• Quickly and easily capture survey data in the field
• Data capture in even the most difficult environments, such as canopy
• Customized workflows streamline data collection processes for improved productivity
• Seamless data transfer from the field to the office

Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver

Purpose-built for mapping and GIS professionals in a variety of organizations, including environmental agencies and government departments, the standalone Trimble R1 receiver enables you to collect higher-accuracy location data with the device you already use—whether it is a modern smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, or a traditional integrated data collection handheld or tablet.
• Small, rugged, lightweight GNSS receiver for great mobility
• Flexibility to choose your data collection device
• Bluetooth connection to Trimble handhelds or consumer-grade smart devices
• Provides higher-accuracy location data
• Flexible, professional data collection in more places

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Handheld Computers con GNSS

Trimble GNSS handhelds combine a GNSS receiver with a field computer powered by a Windows Mobile® operating system, along with a range of features and accessories for the entire field workforce.

• Integrated GNSS + handheld, rugged computer
• Smartphone-inspired configurations available
• Lightweight and rugged design
• Accuracy up to 10cm
• Trimble Floodlight™ satellite shadow reduction technology keeps you working when heavy overhead cover, obstructs GNSS satellite reception

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UAS Solutions

Collect localized imagery on site imagery for Land Administration Projects with Trimble Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Capture georeferenced images and point clouds using the Trimble UX5, UX5 HP, or ZX5 multirotor system to monitor, update, and extract parcel information.

UAS solutions offer these benefits:
• Quickly capture wide expanses of highly accurate data
• Extremely durable and easy to maintain
• Exceptional performance in extreme conditions
• Capture data that improves decision making
• Fixed wing or multirotor options offer flexibility for application and collection requirements

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Airborne Sensor Systems

Trimble’s aerial data capture and data processing solutions enable you to deliver imaging data more quickly than ever before, ultimately saving time and cutting project costs. Aerial sensor system options include three high performance airborne LIDAR and imaging systems as well as an aerial imaging camera in 60 or 80-megapixel models.

They help you:
• Capture high-resolution data with confidence in its precision and accuracy.
• Increase the productivity of your aircraft and reduce environmental impact by flying sharp turns over long baselines.
• Reduce the need for control points using direct georeferencing and advanced aerial triangulation software.
• Increase the efficiency of your data processing operation through streamlined workflows and high levels of automation – while also reducing training costs.
• Grow your business into new applications – to capitalize on new market opportunities, diversify revenue streams, extend the flying season and increase equipment utilization.

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