Feasibility Study for a Municipal Tax Revenue Solution
Trimble’s Land Administration team determined the feasibility for the development and implementation of an automated and integrated land record and taxation system using GIS technology and relational databases over a distributed network environment, while customizing the tools, functionality and requirements of the integrated system to meet the needs specific to local municipalities in Turkey. The Municipality of Küçükçekmece agreed to be the model municipality and project partner for this study. The resultant model is now being evaluated for implementation and utilization throughout local governments in Turkey. The increased tax revenues generated by such a modern taxation system will assist Turkey to further stabilize its economy and bring more transparency and efficiency to its municipalities, while reinforcing the positive and strategic relationship between the U.S. and Turkey

Turkey – Municipal Geographic Information System (GIS)
The Municipality of Bayrampasa is located in Istanbul, Turkey on the European side of the Bosphorus River. The municipality has a population of approximately 300,000 persons and approximately 36,000 real property parcels. The project was for the data development of three mahallesi (sectors) within the Municipality, as part of a larger development effort that will be forthcoming from this Municipality. The Landfolio team’s efforts resulted in the creation of a “clean” database that contains all updated addresses and ownership information, as well as a link to the land registry office.