Under a USAID contract, the Landfolio team, in a consortium with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, East West Management Institute and the Rural Development Institute, implemented a pilot project for the privatization of 72 collective farms and the privatization of urban enterprise land in support of the Ministry of Privatization of the Republic of Moldova. Upon its completion, the former collective farm members were issued 185,000 land titles. The project was expanded to break up and privatize over 800 collective farms, resulting in the distribution of 1.1 million land titles. The combined effort resulted in 1,340,765 land titles issued to 467,263 former collective farm members. This project is the largest and most comprehensive land privatization, parceling and titling project completed in the former Soviet Union.

All production work was carried out by 50 Moldovan private survey companies with 400 employees utilizing performance based subcontracts. This effort served to confirm the break-up of the state survey and titling monopoly. All information systems and data were produced and processed by Moldovan private companies.

All parcel boundary and ownership rights were legally validated and recorded at local government offices in accordance with Moldovan law. Numerous legal and regulatory initiatives were drafted, advocated and enacted during the course of this “Land Project”.