Under contract with USAID, Trimble’s Landfolio team, in partnership with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, successfully developed a legal and regulatory framework and implemented privatization and registration of agricultural and enterprise land on a massive scale in Georgia. As a result, more than one million agricultural land parcels were surveyed, mapped, registered and titled. All parcel boundary and ownership rights were legally validated and registered at district registries and protected by Georgian law based on numerous legal and regulatory measures drafted, advocated and enacted as a result of the USAID Land Markets Project initiatives. More than 7,000 enterprises had their land plots privatized and registered. Using the registration system established by the Landfolio team, more than 1,200 enterprises re-sold all or portions of their unwanted land to other private investors, whose resulting ownership rights were properly registered. Moreover, more than 1,700 commercial mortgages were registered as well, using the approaches and methods described herein. All work was performed by Georgian real estate services firms trained to assist in documentation and registration of rights arising from privatization and secondary transactions. The goal accomplished privatization and title issuance of 100,000 agricultural land and 2,000 enterprise land parcels.