The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of Belize, in collaboration with Inter-American Development Bank, awarded Trimble a contract for the Development and Implementation of a Land Information System.

The Land Information System Project is part of the National Land Management Program (LMP), co-funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Belize. The goal of the LMP was to develop a national land policy framework focusing on both private and public sector development through secure land tenure.

Trimble implemented its proprietary land information management solution, Landfolio®. Landfolio automated and integrated the public land records and cadastral maps under a single software platform that is providing the government of Belize with an advanced property management toolkit to oversee and administer their property records.

Supporting activities in the project included a needs assessment, process re-engineering, participatory workshops, data conversion and scanning, public awareness, field data collection (parcel corner surveys, solution implementation, legal compliance, training, certification, and ongoing support. Overall, the implementation of the solution supported 170 users in seven locations across Belize.