The Landfolio/OAS e-Government technology model integrated modules for land registry and land cadastre (including GIS, surveying and mapping) and incorporated the government’s existing real property tax system. The Landfolio team designed, constructed and implemented land records and land records maintenance as a primary strategic objective to expand private trade, investment and finance in real estate throughout Antigua and Barbuda. The landfolio team integrated land privatization, parcel mapping, titling and registration, property taxation, property transaction and title guarantee systems, in step-by-step programs focused on affordable and measurable results.

Using Landfolio, the team improved municipal management in the areas of land registry, land cadastre and real property tax management; established legal, accurate, and transparent land and property records to provide a foundation for foreign investment; provided a web portal for access to real estate information within each Eastern Caribbean nation and throughout the region. The Antigua and Barbuda project encompassed an estimated 57,000 land parcels in Antigua and a small number of land parcels in Barbuda. The results of this pilot effort were phased in over a one-year period and included:

  1. An integrated property information management system that improved accuracy of property ownership and GIS data layers
  2. Reduced time to register a land transaction to two days or less
  3. Improved customer service
  4. Increased revenue from fee collections while decreasing the cost to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda.

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