Providing surveyors and mapping professionals the most complete, reliable, and flexible cadastral survey solutions available.

Trimble supports today’s surveyors and mapping professionals with a broad portfolio of customizable land administration solutions that serve the entire cadastral process while ensuring high-quality data is collected, processed, and analyzed in the most efficient way possible. By leveraging our proven technologies and domain expertise, Trimble provides the most complete, reliable, and flexible cadastral survey and mapping solution available today.


Surveyors today have evolved into land managers tasked with overseeing and managing the entire cadastral data process. These surveyor-land managers handle a wide range of tasks including setting geodetic control, coordinating data collection, data processing, analysis, and subsequent map maintenance. Trimble’s cadastral survey solutions are designed to fit the unique requirements of each of these surveyor-land managers.


Scalable, tailored solutions

Trimble’s Land Administration solutions are created with the cadastral surveyor in mind and by taking your organization’s requirements and workflows into account. Solutions can be tailored by data collection method, accuracy requirements, region, integration specifications, and more…Implement what you need now with the flexibility to evolve your survey and mapping solutions later.


Field-to-office workflow, PROCESS and technology integration

Disconnected processes are proven to be time consuming and inefficient. Seamlessly integrate survey and GIS workflows/data; between, GIS, ERP, aerial imagery, and other systems; and between multiple hardware and software platforms. Seamlessly connect field crews to the office and vice versa.


Consistent, reliable, and accurate CADASTRAL data collection

Utilize Trimble’s geodetic control and data collection solutions to repeatedly collect reliable, high accuracy cadastral data — reducing rework and increasing confidence in results. Automated workflows, built-in redundancies, and consistent reference frameworks ensure collected data is accurate the first time, reducing rework and increasing overall productivity.


Increased productivity and REDUCED PROJECT COSTS

Experience efficiency gains and reduce project costs in collecting, processing, and analyzing geospatial data as opposed to manual / conventional methods. Dramatically reduce project costs with streamlined processes, integrated cadastral workflows and increased labor productivity.


Customizable deliverables and reporting

Generate high-quality deliverables, maps, and reports with only the information you, your clients, and management requires.


From the field to the office, Trimble supports today’s surveying and mapping professionals with a broad portfolio of customizable land administration solutions for geodetic control, field collection, data processing, and cadastral data management.

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Geodetic Control Field Data Collection Data Processing Professional Services

The foundation for all land administration projects, geodetic control ensures consistent and accurate spatial data collection.

Collect parcel boundary information to meet accuracy, ease of use, and time requirements.

Data processing solutions increase productivity and improve consistency when converting field data to the cadastral database.

Business process analysis, strategic planning, project management, data collection and conversion, and training and support.