The Kenya Ministry of Mining recently launched their official Mining Cadastre Portal to enable government to regulate and obtain value from mining operations.

Some of the things the newly launched mining cadastre will help the government in doing include: formally recording all applications for various types of licences and issues tittles for these licenses, registering all changes to the title, checking against overlapping with existing claims or other impediments and advising the Ministry whether the application is technically sound and if the license payments have been done. The portal also initiates the procedures for modifying or cancelling a license if needed, maintaining a register and a map of the licenses as a technical reference in case of dispute and it will also facilitate submission of statutory fees for licenses.

During the launch, Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto said: “Anyone who has worked with the government comes to understand that the government is very big and their primary role is to make the institution small enough to serve the people by eliminating bureaucracy. The Ministry of Mining is eliminating bureaucracy.”

“Kenya joins a club of a few countries whose applications are done online and in real time. Any qualified person from anywhere in the world can apply. By digitizing government payments we will minimize cost by 30 percent, this small step by the Ministry of Mining contributes to that big step,” added the DP.

Deputy President (at the centre), during the launch of the Online Transactional Mining Cadastre Portal.
Deputy President (at the centre), during the launch of the Online Transactional Mining Cadastre Portal.

The Online Transactional Mining Cadastre Portal (OTMCP) is a web-based e-Government system through which participants in the Kenyan mining industry will be able to interact with the Ministry to view licenses or permit details and application status in real time, submit and manage electronically the application for granting renewals and other business processes, submit digital documents to meet reporting requirements and also to submit fee payments via credit card or mobile money.

During the launch Patrick Omutia, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Mining (who represented the Cabinet Secretary for Mining Najib Balala) said that the portal will increase transparency, efficiency and equitable sharing of minerals which will in turn help in cleaning up hoarded grounds and renewing spaces and transferring them.

Omutia stated that one of the benefits of the new system is that it narrows down the minimum period of getting a license to three months as opposed to the past where it took eighteen months to get the same.

The Online Transactional Mining Cadastre Portal (OTMCP) application is based on the FlexiCadastre* framework.

(This article first appeared in the CIO East Africa magazine). Author: Baraka Jefwa.

*Trimble acquired Spatial Dimension on September 2, 2015. FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.