Congratulations to the Spatial Dimension Team on your 10th Anniversary. You and the FlexiCadastre software have certainly enjoyed many changes over the years. I remember fondly first meeting with you mid-year 2006 when Barrick Corporation investigated the use of FlexiCadastre as its enterprise solution for standardized land management practices globally.

We are aware that Barrick’s determination to customize five Regional FlexiCadastre instances in order to best meet the legal and regulatory requirements of numerous Jurisdictions – including a second language – while adhering to Corporate standardized practices posed a real challenge for Spatial Dimension and considerable development of new functionality to meet our needs.

I was privileged to be personally involved with each of our Regional developments and have had the opportunity to work with many of the Business Analysts, Developers and support personnel within Spatial Dimension. The creative minds and sensitivity to Corporate needs provided by the Spatial Dimension in working with the Barrick Teams has resulted in a tool that surpasses our initial expectation.

Barrick now uses FlexiCadastre not only for managing its surface and mineral land rights as well as the obligations and rights of all types of agreements in all five Regions, but additionally manages compensation / relocation / resettlement activity in two. One Region has also customized the software to manage the Corporate Grievances Policy with consideration being given to adopting this functionality globally. This could not have been possible without the flexibility of both the software and the Spatial Dimension staff.

No matter how well a System has been designed, from time to time there is a need for support. The timely response consistently received from Spatial Dimension is very much appreciated and has allowed our work to continue with no loss of rights.

It has been a rewarding seven years with Spatial Dimension and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

*Trimble acquired Spatial Dimension on September 2, 2015. FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.