Impala Platinum has decided to implement FlexiCadastre to manage its Mineral Assets as well as Agreements, after a process of intense comparison and evaluation between integrated versus best of breed solutions.

The requirement to industry as prescribed by MPRDA necessitates high levels of monitoring of the administrative side of your Mineral Rights. To ensure that the management of this takes place optimally, complex workflows was built and tested. The recent 2008 amendment MRPDA is currently being built into our workflows.

The Impala implementation team comprises of the Legal, Environmental and Geology Departments – all of which have been involved in numerous workshops to ensure we get the best possible solution.

Throughout the process, which started at a scoping session and is currently at soft go-live point with ongoing UATs, the FlexiCadastre team has been professional, eager to assist, always able to suggest one or more solutions for an identified problem, willing to demonstrate and explain again and again until it makes sense, and so it goes on.

The team’s understanding of the MPRDA and quick understanding of raised issues went a far way in facilitating (sometimes lively) discussions and finding solutions to manage the identified issues.

Migration of data from the old system and document uploads were also handled successfully.

We have also identified that Company Secretariat information can be managed comprehensively and successfully through FlexiCadastre.

FlexiCadastre definitely offers the optimal solution for managing Mineral Assets, as well as agreements. Congratulations on a successful 10 years.

*Trimble acquired Spatial Dimension on September 2, 2015. FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.