Spatial Dimension* has recently been awarded a contract to design and implement a Mining Cadastre System (MCS) within the Directorate of Mines and Geology, Senegal. The contract was signed between Spatial Dimension and GEOTER SAS and will see Spatial Dimension’s FlexiCadastre web-based mineral rights management solution being implemented within the Mineral Documentation and Mining Cadastre Centre in Dakar.

The work is being funded under the 9th European Development Fund’s Mining Sector Support Programme where GEOTER SAS is the prime contractor to develop a Mineral Documentation and Mining Cadastre Centre.

Mr Ousmane Cisse, Head of the Mineral Documentation and Mining Cadastre Centre said, “Mining cadastre is the basic infrastructure of all mineral rights in the country. Its functions are critical and essential for mineral resource management and land information. We believe that the introduction of FlexiCadastre will significantly help to improve the efficiency of the management of the mineral titles as well as provide equitable and transparent access to mineral rights.”

Mr Charles Young, Government Sector Manager at Spatial Dimension, said “I’m excited about the opportunity to work together with GEOTER and the Ministry to deliver a world class mining cadastre system to Senegal. Since the mining cadastre system is normally the first point of contact for any new investment in the minerals sector, the implementation of FlexiCadastre will enhance Senegal’s stature as an attractive and transparent exploration and mining destination.”

About Spatial Dimension

Spatial Dimension is a multi-disciplinary software development and consulting company with a broad base of skills and experience in the development of innovative and cost effective spatially enabled solutions. Their flagship product, FlexiCadastre, is the international software of choice for both Government Agencies and Mineral Resource Companies wanting to implement integrated mineral rights management solutions. Corporate clients include Anglo American, Barrick Gold, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Vale. Government clients include DR Congo, Greenland, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. To date FlexiCadastre has been used to manage mineral title in over 50 jurisdictions world wide.


GEOTER develops its activities in the domains of geology, seismology, geotechnics, GIS and databases. The company has taken advantage of its international collaborations to consolidate its competencies and expertise and to give its clients an acknowledged operational experience. For more information on GEOTER visit

About Senegal’s Mining Sector Support Programme

Within the framework of the technical co-operation between the European Union (9th European Development Fund – EDF) and the government of Senegal, a Mining Sector Support Programme (PASMI) amounting to €13 million has been negotiated and implemented since 2007. The PASMI programme consists of five projects:
– The Airborne Geophysical Survey of south eastern Senegal;
– The establishment of a Mineral Documentation and Mining Cadastre Centre;
– Geological mapping of the sedimentary basin;
– Geological mapping of south-eastern Senegal;
– Capacity building for the artisanal mining sector.

*Trimble acquired Spatial Dimension on September 2, 2015. FlexiCadastre is now part of the Landfolio software suite.